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TomPack Flower suite

TomPack Flower Suite is a comprehensive platform for managing technological processes, processing and analyzing data, managing batch processes, recipes, and their subsequent analysis and traceability within the entire production process.

The entire architecture is designed with regard to the simplicity, reliability, and performance of the entire system with an emphasis on data security and high availability. Considering the scale of projects from small independent technology units to complete production plants, the entire system is designed from the ground up to allow load balance with a high degree of redundancy at all levels.


  • Robust multi-layered client-server architecture
  • Architecture based on open standards
  • In line with current cyber security requirements
  • Powerful data storage built on MS SQL Server
  • Client layer developed for Windows/iOS/Android
  • Multilingualism
  • Native support for multiple operations, including their comparison
  • Option to virtualize the entire platform with high availability and security

Overview of modules


A visualization platform for servers, workstations, industrial touch panels, and tablets is used to control technological units in process automation.
As a full-fledged SCADA system, it provides a connection to PLC systems and ensures the storage of process data in a relational database. Its architecture is of the client-server type with an optimized communication protocol and redundancy of all parts of the system.

Flower Purchase

Module for processing the complete agenda of raw material purchase records, planning, and evaluation of collection routes, balance of suppliers, connection to analytical data, utilization monitoring, and processing of management reports.

Flower Lab

Module for uniform processing, recording, and analysis of production laboratories. A complete solution for the laboratory diary, ability to direct communication with laboratory devices of selected manufacturers, process data, and user formulas.

Flower report

The module of the unified solution of production and sanitation reports. Automatic generation of reports, detailed overviews of data and graphs, evaluation of efficiency, and reporting within production traceability.

Flower Trace

Module for full traceability of products, raw materials, and procedures. It combines process data, sanitation reports, inputs of raw materials, maintenance, warehouses, and many others for the immediate generation of traceability reports of raw materials/intermediates/products within the entire production process.

Flower Energy

A module for efficient recording, analysis, and energy management. The basic condition is accurate records of energy consumption within the entire production. The object division of technology into units enables multi-level data processing. The link to process data ensures the correctness of data in relation to the operating modes of technological units, monitoring and analysis of leaks, monitoring of long-term consumption trends, and processing of reports according to user criteria.

Flower Warehouse

Solution module for the complete agenda of warehouse management and online warehouses. Object access, powerful analytical tools, virtual items for connecting the same items from different manufacturers, and transparent mode when using code lists from ERP systems ensure an immediate overview of the status of all warehouses.

Flower Efficiency

The operational efficiency analysis (OEE) module ensures monitoring, evaluation, and reporting of the operational efficiency of both machines and equipment, as well as entire technological units. Downtime monitoring, analysis of causes, identification of risks, proposal of modifications to maintenance plans based on failure analysis, and processing of reports according to user criteria bring a maximum of qualified data for production management.

Flower Maintenance

The predictive maintenance monitoring and control system is an advanced maintenance system whose functions far exceed the boundaries of conventional record systems. In addition to complete management of all equipment in the technology, linkage to spare parts warehouses, and generation of maintenance plans, the Flower Maintenance system provides predictive maintenance planning functions based on online operational data, traceability reporting, management of calibrations and revisions, and much more.