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Pasteurization station

The pasteurization stations of the BlueSter series are designed for fully automatic flow heat treatment of products in the output range of 1000-40000 l/h with variable heat mode and duration. The stations work in full automatic mode, and include also functions for automatic sanitation, controlling safety pressure differences, and monitoring of the required pasteurization parameters.

BlueSter pasteurizers can also work in a mode with increased pressure during pasteurization to ensure a longer shelf life of the product.

Key parameters

  • Output 1000 l – 40000 l/h
  • Pasteurization temperatures 70-98 °C
  • Pasteurization temperatures of 85-125 °C for increased pasteurization pressure
  • Duration from 15 s to 5 minutes including variable circuits
  • Possibility of control mode according to pasteurization units
  • Integrated sanitation functions with connection to a central CIP station
  • Pasteurization protocols