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Our services include complete deliveries of new brewery technological units, as well as reconstruction and expansion of already existing technologies. We have many years of experience which enables us effectively solve the plants from the reception of malt to the milling process - including the supply of our own product - malt grist mills, the brewhouse, cooling of the wort, fermentation, to lagering and filtration of the beer.

We provide a complete industrial automation solution, built on modern control and information systems, which includes a module for creating production reports, production tracing, balance of raw materials and energy, and much more. When designing a specific solution, we work closely with the customer, so we are able to adapt the solution to his requirements.

Connectivity and complexity

We use a combination of technologists, mechanical designers, electrical designers, and programmers during the entire life cycle of projects from design to implementation. This combination, which is completely unique within the market, brings our customers an effective and comprehensive solution, where the design process of the machine-technological solution, automation, and production information system takes place simultaneously from the very beginning of the design.

Efficiency in all directions

Raw materials, energy, and time. Everything that affects operating costs and production efficiency we keep in mind. Optimization of processes, dynamic control, energy monitoring and management, choice of effective regulation methods, online monitoring of energy leaks, evaluation of long-term efficiency, all of this is part of our solutions.

Selected references

Budějovice Budvar, n.p.

Delivery of 50 fermentation tanks (from 1000hl to 3000 hl capacity) for Budějovický Budvar, n.p. As part of the three stages of expansion of the brewery, as a general contractor, we delivered and commissioned tanks for a significant expansion of the brewery's production capacity.

Machine-technological reconstruction of breweries including full automation - Budějovický Budvar, n.p.

Our company's first comprehensive delivery to the brewing industry. Until now, a unique installation of a unique closed lautering system through an original open wort grant. Still valid, Budvar is always and everywhere the original.

Bedele Brewery (Heineken)

Replacement of complete control system of Bedele Brewery, Heineken in Ethiopia. The new control system, built on the Braumat process control system from Siemens controls the entire beer production process from malt intake through the brewhouse, wort cooling, fermentation, filtration to bottling. The control system of the entire brewery was replaced with a downtime of less than one week.

Brewery Svijany a.s.

Brewhouse intensification - Pivovar Svijany, a.s.

Reconstruction and expansion of the brewhouse with several cooking vessels. In automatic mode, the brewhouse can brew 12 batches / 24 hours. The team of specialists made use of years of experience from previous brewery installations.