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Plasma torch for thermal spraying

Longterm collaboration between ProjectSoft HK a.s. company and the Institute of Plasma Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences (IPP) resulted in the development of a hybrid plasma system WSP®H 500 usable namely in plasma spraying and plasma treatment of materials.

Hybrid plasma torch WSP®H 500 combines the benefits of gas and water vortex stabilization of plasma, providing unique features:

  1. Extremely high thermal output (enthalpy) of plasma
  2. Exceptionally low argon consumption compared to competitive plasma systems (no other gases needed)
  3. Plasma formed from water vapor – only 3 liters of water needed for one hour of operation
  4. High power enabling the deposition of more than 30 kg of powder per hour

ProjectSoft HK a.s. company specializes in industrial automatization and developed the control and cooling systems for the hybrid plasma torch. IPP is a Czech public research institute with more than 30 years of experience in the research of thermal plasma with extreme temperatures and with the development of plasma systems for heavy-duty thermal spraying. Our customers benefit from the joint know-how of ProjectSoft HK a.s. and IPP, as we are not only the re-sellers, but primarily co-authors of the whole system!

Systems delivered so far serve in institutional research laboratories as well as in industrial production. The latest unit was installed in 2022 in Japan, designed for highthroughput manufacturing of ceramic components used in the electrotechnical industry.

Comparison of gasstabilized and hybrid WSP®H 500 plasma systems

PowerUsually below 100 kWAdjustable 80 – 160 kW
Powder throughputUp to 12 kg / hourMore than 30 kg / hour
Plasmaforming mediumhydrogen + argon (or helium)water + argon

Technical specifications:

Adjustable power: 100– 160 kW
Continuous burn: up to 12 hours per torch ignition
Arc current: 300 – 500 A
Arc voltage: 270 – 320 V
Plasmaforming medium: water + argon
Consumption: Argon from 12 slpm
Demineralized water 3 l/hour
Plasma temperature: up to 25 000 K

Core system assembly contains:

Plasma torch - type: WSP®-H 500
DC power supply + choke
Water system
Control system with operator interface
piping, hoses, cables
System test prior to delivery (at IPP, Prague, Czechia)
Installation and product support at the customer’s site

Typical applications:

Protective plasmasprayed coatings resistant to abrasion, high temperatures, or aggressive environments
Coatings of refractory ceramics and metals (e.g., Al2O3, ZrSiO4, YSZ, or W)
Manufacturing of freestanding ceramic products
Functionallygraded materials
Powder spheroidization
Suspension and solution plasma spraying

Industrial applications:

Printing industry – printing rolls | anilox rolls
Pulp and paper industry – calendar rolls | impellers, casing, and loaded cylinders | dryers
Petrochemical industry – pump shafts, impellers, casing | mechanical gaskets
Aerospace – engine components| combustion liners| turbine casing | thermal barrier coatings
Oil industry – pump plungers | compressor rods | mud pump components
Textile industry – draw rolls| thread guides | heater plates
Metallurgical industry – steel rolls, electrodes| hearth rolls | graphite electrodes
Electrochemical industry – semiconductors and isolators components
High-temperature protection – furnace components| temperature sensors
Glass industry – plunger protection, stirrers, etc.
Powder spheroidization – manufacturing of spherical powders

Detailed technical information and application examples can be found at