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Optimizing energy efficiency

Energy losses, residual energy utilization, energy recuperation, adjustment of parameters in production, optimization of production processes, monitoring of energy consumption, and their evaluation. These are just some of the areas that provide considerable scope for reducing energy costs and increasing production efficiency. Projects within EEO deal with the production, distribution, and consumption of energy media such as electricity, steam, and water for production processes including the production of compressed air, cooling, recuperation, etc.

As part of our solutions, we do not limit ourselves to environmental energy solutions but primarily address operational and technological requirements, where potential savings are the most significant. An important part of efficient energy management is the Flower Energy system as a tool for collecting data on energy consumption, online analysis with immediate feedback for users, and continuous monitoring of operational efficiency. Consumption data on its one does not bring high added value. However, displaying information about atypical consumption in connection with ongoing processes, possible leaks or other deviations from standard operation saves costs by drawing attention to the problem in time, i.e. immediately. User-friendly dashboards, adjustable according to user's preferences, provide easy-to-read, graphic information about the current consumption of electricity, water, steam, and other media, as well as a comparison of consumption within a month, period, shift, etc.