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CIP station

Sanitation stations of the BlueClean series are designed for the sanitation of food production technologies. Their concept is based on a fully automatic, efficient, and technologically programmable model, with high variability of capacities and a number of sanitation lines.

The design of CIP stations is often modified according to the specific requirements of the cleaned technology. Within the normal range of CIP stations, the solution contains from one to five lines. The design, construction, and final commissioning of the sanitation station, which is part of each delivery, is strongly focused on final cleanliness, time flexibility, and maximum efficiency in the consumption of energy and solutions. A part of the standard delivery of the CIP station is the software for technological programming of the sanitation recipes and the reporting system Flower Report, which generates automatic reports of all sanitation, including an evaluation of correctness.

As part of the completeness of the solution, the BlueClean range of CIP stations also includes BlueClean R mobile units to ensure efficient cleaning of objects with a low cleaning frequency, which brings maximum sanitation efficiency while minimizing investment costs.

Key parameters

  • Range of lines 1-5 (more for individual solutions)
  • Sanitation flow rates in the range of 5000-60000 l/h
  • Automatic systém for cleaning solution preparation
  • The automatic sanitation programs for cleaning the CIP station
  • Control based on temperature, flow, pressure, conductivity, and turbidity
  • BlueClean R mobile units for removal and circulation of solutions
  • Flower Report automatic reporting tool