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Malt grist mills

One of the key technological processes in the production of beer is the processing of malt and the preparation of malt scrap. Our BlueMill series malt grist mills in various configurations and performance levels are designed for reliable, accurate, and stable malt processing.

The standard configuration consists of a feeding device that ensures uniform dosing and spreading of the raw material along the entire length of the rollers in the scrapping unit. The basic version is delivered in a four-cylinder version. The first pair of rollers of the scrap unit ensures the grinding of the coarser portions of the scrap. It then continues to the vibrating screen, which divides the scrap into coarse and fine fractions. The fine portion (grain core) continues to the second pair of rollers of the shredding unit, where the finest components are ground. The coarse fractions are transported from the sorter directly to the output of the scrap mill. To ensure the composition of the scrap according to the desired roughness composition of the individual components, the width of the joint in both pairs of rollers can be set at the scrap machine, and the corresponding fineness of the sieve of the vibrating screen can also be selected.

The 4xx shredder models, i.e. in the 4-cylinder design, are sufficient for the vast majority of applications from the point of view of the preparation of scrap during beer production, in case of requirements for a finer distribution of individual components, due to the modular concept, another pair of cylinders can be installed together with the appropriate vibrating screen.

BlueMill series

BlueMill 405 5 t/h
BlueMill 410 10 t/h
BlueMill 415 15 t/h