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New concept
Water Hybrid Plasma Spray System WSP®-H 500

ITSC 2015

Our company exhibited Hybrid Plasma Torch WSP®-H 500 on the trade show INTERNATIONAL THERMAL SPRAY CONFERENCE on May 11 – 14, 2015 in Long Beach, California, USA.


General information

Long lasting cooperation of ProjectSoft HK a.s. and the Institute of Plasma Physics AS CR, v.v.i. (IPP) resulted in the creation of advanced hybrid plasma system for spraying - the WSP®-H 500.

ProjectSoft ( focuses mostly on delivering complete control systems including water and cooling systems for plasma spraying. IPP (, the research and development organization, has devoted more than 15 years to the research of thermal plasma with extreme values of temperature and to development of systems for plasma spraying. Our customers therefore benefit from joined know-how of both companies since we are not mere sellers but, in fact, we are the sole developers of the hybrid system!

The hybrid water-stabilized plasma torches have been developed on the basis of the research of thermal plasma arc systems performed at the Institute of Plasma Physics ASCR in recent years.

The WSP®-H 500 system is a high-power, high-throughput plasma spray system that utilizes water instead of gas as plasma medium. The system has been designed to extend the applications of plasma spraying to considerably larger surface areas and higher production volumes. In a side by side comparison, the WSP®-H 500 is dramatically more cost effective then lower throughput gas-stabilized plasma spray systems.

More information about WSP®-H 500 (2 articles from Dr. Milan Hrabovsky, IPP):

Other articles:

Unique features

High enthalpy system
High powder throughput
Combination of water stabilization and gas stabilization principles
Full record data
Low argon consumption, no other gases needed


Power: Adjustable from 80 up to 160 kW
Burns operates continuously up to 12 hrs.
Arc Current: 300 - 550 A
Arc Voltage: 270 - 320 V
Plasma Medium: Water + Ar
(gas consumption - from 12 slm)
Water Consumption: 3 l/h
Plasma Mass Flow Rate: from 30 g/min
Plasma Temperature: max. 25 000 K

Basic delivery

Plasma torch - Model: WSP®-H 500
Power Supply
Water System
Control unit
Control console
Pipes, cables, hosepipes, spare parts
Testing (IPP Prague)


Print Industry - Print rolls | Anilox rolls

Pulp & Paper Industry - Calendar rolls | Granite rolls | Impellers and casing | Refiner. Jordan and Clafin sleeves | Rotors - Moyno rotors | Yankee dryers

Petrochemical Industry - Pump shafts, impellers, casing | Pump sleeves | Mechanical seal faces

Aviation / Aerospace Industry - Engine parts | Combustion liners | Rocket flare tubes | Turbine casing | Thermal barrier coatings

Oil Industry - Pump plungers | Compressor rods | Mud pump shafts | Pump sleeves

Textile Industry - Draw rolls | Thread guides | Heater plates | Godet rolls

Metallurgical industry - Steel rolls, electrodes, lances | Hearth plates | Hearth rolls | Hot metal extrusion dies | Graphite electrodes | Oxygen lancet

High temperature protection – Oven parts | Temperature sensors

Glass industry – Protection of plungers, Stirrers etc.

Powder spheroidization

Why should you buy the WSP®-H 500

PowerUsually below 100 kWAdjustable 80 – 160 kW
Powder througputsUp to 12 kg / hourMore than 30 kg / hour
Plasma mediumHydrogen + ArgonWater + Argon

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