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Control of technological processes, machine-technological engineering, production information systems


technological solutions

Our achievements


  • Supply and commissioning of CIP unit „BlueClean“ to Havličkův Brod Brewery (Měšťanský pivovar Havlíčkův Brod a.s.) Scope of supply included installation of a completely new CIP unit with facelifted design in Havličkův Brod Brewery. The unique skid design reduced shutdown period and time necessary for assembly works. Also due to more flexible software design the time needed for commissioning and setting into fully operational mode was reduced significantly. Part of the new system was also reporting platform through Flower CIP smartphone application.


  • Installation and system supply for optimalization of milk powder production implementing NIR analyzer (Near-Infrared) in Hlinsko Dairy.
    The aim of this project was to reduce energy consumption during milk drying and to improve final product quality. Corresponding with a high focus in keeping requested product characteristics, the entire project led into optimal and the best performance conditions.
  • Supply of water-stabilized plasma torch WSP H-500 to Japan
    Based on long term cooperation with the Institute of Plasma Physics (Academy of Science of Czech Republic – ASCR) a new unit with unique torch patent was delivered to customer in Japan.


  • The Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes (ING) - La Palma, Canary Islands
    Control system for 4.2-m William Herschel Telescope (WHT)
    The project aim was to install a completely new a control system for the second largest European telescope with 4,2 mt mirror diameter. Delivery did not consist only from electrical part including wiring, electrical switchboards, assembly, electrical design and SW equipment but the hardest challenge for ProjectSoft engineers was the most precise and accurate setting of drivers regulation because of telescope accuracy requirements.


  • Supply of malt milling units with nominal capacity of 5 mt of malt per hour to Banskobystrický pivovar, a.s. and 10 mt/hour for Pivovary Staropramen s.r.o., Ostravar Brewery.
    With own design, construction and manufacturing background, the malt crushing rollers for dry milling and grist preparation were successfully installed and are under standard operation in a.m. breweries.

2015 - 2021

  • Supply of 50 tanks with nominal volume of 1000 and 3000 hl in Budějovický Budvar, n.p.
    During three stages of brewery capacity extension in role of general contractor ProjectSoft HK ensured supply, assembly and commissioning of the tanks to enlarge Budvar production capacity.


  • Brewing control system for a new brewery in Ethiopia
    ProjectSoft HK ensured comprehensive supply of electrical part and control & operation system of brewing technology in Meychew Brewery, Ethiopia with capacity of 600.000 hl per year.
  • The article published in Business life magazine (only in Czech)
  • Start of ProjectSoft´s fully robotized observatory Blue Eye 600 final testing.


  • Installation of safety unloading systems of basic chemicals from railway tank cars (RTC) and truck tankers in Lučební závody Draslovka a.s. Kolín
    As general contractor we designed and installed entire technology for unloading of RTC and truck tanker including construction works, technological equipment supplies and electrical assembly including control and operation systems.


  • Decrease of emission of a drying chamber of beet cuttings - Tereos TTD, a.s., Sugar factory Dobrovice
    The general supplier of the machine technology for a decrease of emission of solid pollutants from two drying chambers of leached beet cuttings. The new technology contributes to improvement of the environment in Dobrovice region.
  • Implementing of complete robotization of the Danish 1.54m telescope at the observatory La Silla, Chile, which is controlled from Europe without the need of local service - ESO (European Southern Observatory)
  • Publishing the first czech photograph of the Milky Way by Zdenek Bardon on ESO (European Southern Observatory) websites.
  • TV station PRIMA family – Jan Pruska introduces our copany on the program The way to success.


  • Intesification of a brewing house - Brewery Svijany, a.s.
    Reconstruction and enlargement of the brewing house by several brewing pots. In the automatic mode the brewing set can brew a record 12 batches / 24 hours. The team of experts made good use of the previous long-time experience from brewing orders.
  • Control of a laser terminal - ESA (European Space Agency)
    Control and robotization of the automatic laser station for transmition of the datas from the satelites on the orbit of the Earth.
  • Our company won the first place in the competition Vodafone The Company of the Year 2011 in Kralovehradecky region the prize of the Hospodarske noviny.


  • A single-stage evaporator for thickening of the thin black lye - OP paper mill, s.r.o.
    We found an unusual solution, we designed machinery and technology and delivered a steam evaporator with the recompression of the part of steam for thickening of the thin black lye with a high content of chlorides. The appropriateness of the solution was proved by a successful after guarantee inspection of the evaporator.


  • Robotization of the 1m telescope at the observatory OGS, Tenerife - ESA (European Space Agency)
    The complete automation of the scientific telescope for laser communication with satelites on the orbit of the Earth.
  • Automatic system for pasteurizing milk for the temperature of 125 degrees Celsius - Levicke mliekarne, a.s
    General supplier of both machinery and automating parts of a new pasteurizer including implementation of our own technological know-how. The new technology works under exceptional thermal conditions.


  • Exchange of the cooling medium without interrupting of the beer production - Brewery Steiger a.s.
    In an international competition our company won this unique order requiring top quality of the technical realization and organization of all project.
  • General supplier of the computerized system of the control of refining of cane sugar - Sugar factory Brcko Bosna


  • Complete automation of the biggest czech telescope – Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, observatory Ondrejov
    This application meant making good use of our experience from industry and the beginning of our astronomical era.
  • Technology for cooling of two ice rinks - Ice stadium Hradec Kralove
    We managed to meet exceptional requirements of the customer for efective cooling two ice rinks along with minimalization of the operating costs.


  • General supplier of a distillery - Tereos TTD, a.s., Sugar factory Dobrovice, Bioetanol TTD
    Our company became a general designer for the french company Tereos TTD, a.s. Together we managed to build a production factory producing bioethanol from sugar refinery semi-finished products. Still unique in the Czech Republic.
  • Development and delivery of the machinery equipment for automatic weighing and mixing PUR foams including unique control - BAY System a.s.


  • Establishment of close cooperation with Institute of Plasma Physics of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic in Prague and following application of a controlling system for the cooling system of a plasmatron - Tokyo, Japan


  • Construction and production of the machine for packing butter bars - Dairy Hlinsko
    Historically first industrial machine produced by our company. Based on this prototype, an universal packing machine for butter bars of 5kg up to 25kg was later developed and produced.


  • Machinery and technological reconstruction of the brewing houses including full automation - Budejovicky Budvar, n.p.
    Our first full delivery to brewing industry. Up to now, an unique installation of a close system of straining through an open straining gutter. As it is still true, Budvar is an original everywhere all the time.
  • Remote maintenance of the control system of the brewing house - Melbourne, Australia
    Experience gained while implementing the remote service of the software for PLC of this brewery has been used many years later at implementation of the remote control of the Danish 1.54m telescope at the observatory ESO La Silla, Chile.


  • Tomas Turek introduced the first version of the company's SCADA system TomPack.


  • Automatic sugar refining - Sugar factory Unicov
    Introducing a really unique system for fully automatized sugar refining. This application was created thanks to cooperation with Milos Kminek and Jan Michal from VSCHT Prague and has been still used in most czech sugar factories.


  • The first computerized control room - Sugar factory Smirice
    Still before establishing the company, a computerized control room of controlling sugar beet supply, extraction, cleaning station, filtration including evapuration station was built in the sugar factory Smirice. At that time this was absolutely unique solution with a computer TNS SC made by Slusovice. The photograph of the control room along with the guru of the building, Zdenek Bardon, was published on the cover page of the Listy Cukrovarnicke.

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